15 Free Awesome Digital Marketing Tools for your Business in 2022

There are lots of digital marketing tools that can help your website rank better in google, tools that will help your web page load time and tools that can help your email subject grade. In this blog I will give you 15 digital marketing tools that are FREE to use.
digital marketing tools

Before we start, what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is also known as online marketing, it is a way to promote your brand to your potential consumers using internet. This includes email, social media, search engines, website design, and digital advertisement.  

If you think for a second, digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, designing and developing your website, making sure your website’s load time is lightning fast, making sure your website ranked in top page of google search engine. Wow, lot of things to take care just to boost your business online. So, to help your business, I have picked 15 free version of digital marketing tools that could help you on your next digital marketing journey.

All tools listed below are free to use and does not require registration, but some tools may offer limited number of free usages before registering or paid service. But it is a good way to start your journey to digital marketing world. Enough talk let’s move on to the digital marketing tools.

Digital Marketing Tools

Content Tool

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

This tool will help determine headline quality of your content. They also have a blog post on how to write good headline for your next blog content.

PrepostSEO provides over 95 free online tools from plagiarism checker to website management. I personally have not used all of their tools, but I do use quite a few tools from them, and I really enjoy it.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

Copyscape is another tool that will help check for the plagiarism of your content.

Hemingway Editor

This is pretty cool tool; it will tell you how much your content is readable. Please go through their help section to understand how their algorithm works.

SEO Tool

LSI Key Search

This tool help you understand what LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is and how it may help rank your website in google search engine.

Key words everywhere

This software is little bit different, for this you will have to install it as your browser extension. From there you can see how other website are using keywords to rank better in google search result.


For this you will have to create a free account. But with this tool you can start tracking your websites position in google ranking.

Broken Link Checker

You want to make sure your website is properly maintained; this tool will help you find if there is any broken link in your website. It will go through your website and generates report for any broken links so you can fix them.  

Moz Local listing Score

Want to know how your business is doing in local market? This software will generate detail report of your website showing how well your website is ranked in local SEO.


Sometimes it is good to spy on your competitor, with this software you can see how your competitor are doing and what keywords they are using to perform better in google ranking. It is a good way to know what you lack among your competitors and what can be done for improvements.

Web Page Speed

Once your website is up and running you want to make sure it is running fast. So, below are some tools that will help you determine how long it take your website to load and things that you might need to fix for better performance.

Google PageSpeed Insights



Email Tools

Email Subject Grader

While doing email marketing you want to make sure you have eye catching email subject. This tool will Grade your header of your email subject matter.

Email Spam Checker

This tool will help your domain spam score. You can see if your mail is going to spam box or your customers mailbox.


Google Analytics

This is one of the powerful tools for your business. Google Analytics generate reports on how your website is preforming, how your users are interacting your website and demography of your users. That way you can do target marketing to that demography of users.

Above 15 + 1 are few free tools I usually use to work on my clients’ projects. These are pretty handy software that saved my time and money, and I hope you can also get some benefits out of these tools on your next digital marketing strategy.

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